What's Happening? - GDAS - Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service

GDAS is urging everyone who holds Naloxone equipment to check their kit, following a warning from manufacturers. Naloxone kits should include two needles; however, it has emerged some kits in France contain only one – or no – needles. The brand affected is known as Prenoxad.

Melo, the emotional and mental wellbeing website, has had a big refresh and update! 

peers from across Wales were tasked with finding out the impact that covid had on their lives including their drug and alcohol use.

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On 1st April 2022, GDAS started to implement a new service model.

Buvidal is a new medication that has been funded by the Welsh Government and is a new form of opiate substitution treatment. There have been several academic research studies published on the back of its success, but this is the first peer-led evaluation of the medication.

During the CV19 Pandemic, Newport was used as a pilot site for a new pioneering peer to peer naloxone pilot. The pilot involved training peer educators to walk the streets of Newport supplying life saving Naloxone kits to individuals and community members.

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