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Join us at our Health Promotion Bus events, where we bring vital resources and services directly to you. Our upcoming event is scheduled for:

Date: 12th October

Time: 12 PM - 4 PM

Location: Rhymney Integrated Health & Social Care Centre

At these events, you can access a variety of supplies, including new needles, syringes, spoons, vitamin C, filters, foils, and bins. We encourage the safe disposal of used paraphernalia and reward your efforts with a £5 voucher.

Naloxone Training

Learn how to administer naloxone, a life-saving medication for opioid overdose, through our training sessions. Your participation not only equips you with essential skills but also qualifies you for a £5 voucher.

Additional Vouchers

Your well-being is our priority, and we offer opportunities to earn extra vouchers for:

  • Sexual Health Check-ups: Ensure your sexual health with our check-ups.
  • BBV Tests: Get tested for Blood-Borne Viruses (BBVs) to safeguard your health.

Stay updated 

The Health Promotion Bus is hitting the road and will be touring Gwent in the coming months. To stay informed about our upcoming events in your area, keep an eye on our website and follow us on our social media channels for the latest updates.




At the Women's Group, we understand the unique challenges and triumphs that women face every day. Whether you're seeking a listening ear, a helping hand, or simply want to share your experiences, our weekly gatherings at the Lighthouse in Pontypool are here for you.

Meeting Details

  • When: Every Thursday
  • Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Location: The Lighthouse, Pontypool

Our meetings provide a warm and welcoming environment where you can:

  • Share and Connect: Engage in open and honest conversations with women who understand and support your journey.
  • Learn and Grow: Participate in discussions, workshops, and activities aimed at personal and collective growth.
  • Celebrate Success: Recognize your achievements and those of your fellow group members, no matter how big or small.

Why Join Us?

  • Empowerment: Discover your inner strength, build confidence, and embrace your potential.
  • Community: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded women who are committed to your success.
  • Support: Lean on a network of individuals who genuinely care about your well-being and are there to support you through life's ups and downs.

Contact Us

For enquiries or additional information, please feel free to reach out to us on 01495 366 810

Smart Recovery Group

When: Every Monday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Where: Costar Community Hwb, 2 Fairwater Square, Cwmbran NP44 4TA (Entrance from the rear car park)

Refreshments Provided

Welcome to our Smart Recovery Group! If you're seeking a path to recovery and a brighter future, you've come to the right place. Our community is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey toward a healthier and happier life.

Join us every Monday evening at Costar Community Hwb from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn valuable strategies for achieving and maintaining sobriety.

As a special treat, we provide refreshments to keep you energized and engaged throughout the sessions.

Take the first step towards positive change, discover the strength within you, and know that you are not alone on this journey. We look forward to seeing you at our Smart Recovery Group meetings.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Sharon on 07746453670 or Linzi on 07585833948.

Overdose Awareness Day is a day to remember those we've lost to addiction, and it's essential to make it a day of reflection and community support. At GDAS, we understand the pain of addiction and overdose, and this year, on Overdose Awareness Day, we held a special event to honor and remember those we've lost. We opened our beautiful memorial garden at Powell's Place.

Overdose Awareness Day: A Time to Remember

Every August 31st, Overdose Awareness Day brings communities together to talk about overdose, break the stigma around addiction, and remember those who lost their lives. It's a day that reminds us of the urgent need to help people struggling with addiction and support their families.

The GDAS Memorial Garden: A Place for Comfort and Remembrance

Our memorial garden at Powell's Place is a calm and peaceful space. We created it to offer comfort and a chance to find closure for those affected by addiction and overdose.

Painting Pebbles: A Personal Tribute

At our grand opening event, we invited everyone to join us in painting pebbles. Each pebble had the name of a friend, family member, or loved one lost to addiction or overdose. Painting these pebbles was a way to honor them personally and share their memory with the community. Now, these colorful pebbles decorate our memorial garden, creating a touching and colorful tribute.


At GDAS, we are committed to providing support, education, and resources to individuals and communities dealing with substance use issues. Our mission is to promote harm reduction, save lives, and empower those in need. We recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Newport Pride event, where we were met with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and support for a vital tool in our arsenal: Naloxone.

Newport Pride: A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusivity

Newport Pride is an annual event that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community's diversity, resilience, and accomplishments. It's a momentous occasion that brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate love, acceptance, and equality. As an organization dedicated to inclusivity and support for all, we were honored to be part of this celebration. 

The Enthusiasm for Naloxone

What struck us the most at Newport Pride was the incredible enthusiasm and support for Naloxone. Attendees were genuinely interested in learning about this life-saving medication, and many expressed their commitment to being part of the solution to the opioid crisis. We had engaging conversations with individuals who wanted to know how they could access Naloxone, how to use it, and how to support those in their community who may be at risk of opioid overdose.

Our Commitment to You

At GDAS, we are dedicated to providing access to Naloxone and comprehensive education on its use. We believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge to respond effectively to an opioid overdose. If you missed us at Newport Pride but are interested in learning more about Naloxone or accessing this life-saving medication, please reach out to us. We are here to help, support, and empower you in your journey towards harm reduction and healthier communities. 

Getting tested for Blood-Borne Viruses (BBV) is important, especially if you've had any experiences with drug or alcohol use. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our BBV testing events, with a fantastic bonus: a £5 voucher for everyone who gets tested at our upcoming locations and dates!

We post harm reduction advice weekly, helpful tips on improving your quality of life, groups within Gwent, base updates, drug alerts and much more! 

If you have any questions or need to contact your key worker, feel free to reach out to us on one of our social media pages. 

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There is currently contaminated Heroin in circulation throughout Gwent. 

If you have a sample you’d like to get tested please attend your local base. 

Make sure you have Naloxone, it could save somebody’s life. You can order yours and receive free training here.  

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GDAS is urging everyone who holds Naloxone equipment to check their kit, following a warning from manufacturers. Naloxone kits should include two needles; however, it has emerged some kits in France contain only one – or no – needles. The brand affected is known as Prenoxad.

On 1st April 2022, GDAS started to implement a new service model.

Buvidal is a new medication that has been funded by the Welsh Government and is a new form of opiate substitution treatment. There have been several academic research studies published on the back of its success, but this is the first peer-led evaluation of the medication.

During the CV19 Pandemic, Newport was used as a pilot site for a new pioneering peer to peer naloxone pilot. The pilot involved training peer educators to walk the streets of Newport supplying life saving Naloxone kits to individuals and community members.

Right now Hepatitis C testing might be at the bottom of a long list, but treating it quickly will help you to avoid serious liver damage in the future. Testing is confidential, free and painless. Get tested to protect yourself and others.