Welcome to our weekly report on emerging substances in Gwent. This report is brought to you by our harm reduction specialist, Gareth, and is based on data gathered by Wedinos, a substance testing service. Our aim is to keep you informed about the substances found in locally purchased items, so you can make safer choices and reduce harm.

Gareth’s Weekly Report

This week, WEDINOS analysed several samples:

  1. A sample from Gwent, purchased as Diazepam, was found to contain Midazolam. This short-acting Benzodiazepine is typically used as a premedication for sedation.

  2. A sample from South Wales, also purchased as Diazepam, was found to contain Bromazolam and Metonitazene. These substances pose a risk of overdose, especially for Benzodiazepine users with no opioid tolerance.

  3. A sample sold as Zolpidem was found to contain Bromazolam and Metonitazene. There is a high risk of overdose when using these substances due to contamination with Metonitazene and Bromazolam.

Recognising an Overdose

Stay alert for signs such as non-responsiveness, shallow breathing, pale and clammy skin, snoring, blue lips, and a low pulse.

Responding to an Overdose

  1. Place the person in the recovery position.
  2. Dial 999 and request an ambulance; stay with the person.
  3. Use Naloxone; even if you use benzodiazepines. Multiple doses may be necessary.

Testing Your Substances

Knowing what’s in your substances is crucial. You don’t have to provide a sample; we can use your old paraphernalia, such as a used cooker or baggie. To get your substances tested, take your old equipment or a sample to your nearest drug and alcohol service. Stay safe and informed.