If you are looking to make a referral to GDAS please click here to complete an online referral or download a referral form. Please gain consent from the individual before making a referral.

If you have any queries regarding making a referral or weather the individual would be suitable for our services please call us on 0333 999 3577 or try our drug and alcohol assessment tools here.

If the individual is pregnant please look to refer them to Gwent Specialists Substance Misuse Services (GSSMS)

To find out more about the services offered at GDAS please click here.

GDAS is commissioned by the Gwent Substance Misuse Area Planning Board to provide an integrated drug, alcohol and family support service. GDAS represents a truly collaborative, meaningful partnership approach. Consortium members (Kaleidoscope, Barod and G4S) have existing tried and tested relationships which will be crucial in delivering excellent service in Gwent.

GDAS core principles:

  • Integrity
  • Willingness to learn and change
  • Seamless, responsive service delivery
  • Commitment to perseverance and continuous improvement.

GDAS creates an environment of empowerment, enabling service users to be ambitious about their Recovery Journey, combined with a range of support and a very strong foundation of pioneering and creative service user involvement builds Recovery capital for sustained change and better futures.

GDAS has proven a high quality processes for clinical provision including rapid prescribing, relationships with pharmacies, experienced qualified clinicians who are co-located with support teams creating critical alignment for effective casework/treatment. We provide a clinical system which is transparent and rooted in the Welsh Clinical Governance System. A commitment to the principles of Prudent Health Care and the practice of evidenced based medicine.