Online Interventions: 

  • Breaking Free Online: An online treatment and recovery programme for anybody with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, free to anyone in GWENT. Breaking free can be accessed 24/7 and on any device, to set up an account follow the link and use the access code gwent11
  • Gwelcol - The Wellbeing College has online and face to face courses, some are delivered directly by the Wellbeing College and some by our 3rd sector colleagues.

Tier 2 (non-structured):

  • Harm reduction services: Naloxone, needle exchange, safer injecting advice, sexual health services, blood-borne virus testing & vaccination
  • Brief Treatment - up to 7 sessions of support for those either not seeking or needing structured support (group or virtual 1:1)

Tier 3 (structured):

  • Health Led Care - health focussed support for those over 50 years not seeking psychosocial interventions
  • Psychosocial Interventions - structured 1:1 support focussing on psychological or social factors that relate to substance use

In Tier 3 there is access to the following:

  • Opiate substitute prescribing
  • Alcohol detoxification including home detox
  • Relapse Prevention prescriptions (Antabuse/Naltrexone/Campral)
  • BBV/HIV testing & Vaccination
  • Health promotion including sexual health advice and contraception


  • Light touch group and 1:1 support for those who have met their substance goals, but want follow on support for a period

We have a team of specialist workers delivering the above: Brief Treatment Practitioners, Treatment Practitioners, Transitional and Young Persons, over 50’s, Outreach, Psych Led Practitioners, Enhanced Practitioners and Aftercare Practitioners

The GDAS Clinical Team can offer the following interventions:

  • Opiate substitution treatment (Methadone/Buprenorphine/Espranor/Suboxone/Buvidal)
  • Alcohol Detoxification (home/community based- Fixed dose/ Symptom triggered)
  • Onward treatment for In-Patient detoxification and rehabilitation
  • Relapse Prevention medication (Disulfiram/Acamprosate/Naltrexone)
  • Pabrinex injections (Vitamin B12 during treatment)

Bloodborne Virus (BBV) testing and treatments:

  1. BBV testing with pre and post counselling support
  2. Hep B Vaccinations
  3. Hep C treatment in house/community
  4. Fibro scanning for liver disease and referral to Hepatology
  5. Specialist Mental health support during Hep C treatment
  • Sexual Health treatments (all onsite):
  1. Sexual Health Testing
  2. Treatment for STD’s
  3. Specialist sexual health counselling and support
  4. Family planning contraception (Depo Provera/ implants/condoms/pill)
  5. Smear testing (onsite)
  • Tuberculosis testing and treatment- (screening clinics on site with onward referral via TB nurse)
  • Specialist mental health nurse support (including onward referrals to psychologists, primary care and community mental health teams)
  • GP medication reviews
  • Health Screening (BP, HR, weight, blood sugar, lungs, wound care, health living, dental care)
  • Dignity Packs- (sanitary products, clean underwear, shower gels and shampoo)
  • Naloxone Kits