Overdose Awareness Day is a day to remember those we've lost to addiction, and it's essential to make it a day of reflection and community support. At GDAS, we understand the pain of addiction and overdose, and this year, on Overdose Awareness Day, we held a special event to honor and remember those we've lost. We opened our beautiful memorial garden at Powell's Place.

Overdose Awareness Day: A Time to Remember

Every August 31st, Overdose Awareness Day brings communities together to talk about overdose, break the stigma around addiction, and remember those who lost their lives. It's a day that reminds us of the urgent need to help people struggling with addiction and support their families.

The GDAS Memorial Garden: A Place for Comfort and Remembrance

Our memorial garden at Powell's Place is a calm and peaceful space. We created it to offer comfort and a chance to find closure for those affected by addiction and overdose.

Painting Pebbles: A Personal Tribute

At our grand opening event, we invited everyone to join us in painting pebbles. Each pebble had the name of a friend, family member, or loved one lost to addiction or overdose. Painting these pebbles was a way to honor them personally and share their memory with the community. Now, these colorful pebbles decorate our memorial garden, creating a touching and colorful tribute.