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GDAS believes that the families and loved ones of people who use substances including alcohol need as much support as the substance user themselves. This can include direct family, carers, neighbours, friends, support staff and anyone else in the network around the person affected. Below are services that can offer you support.

    • Gwent N-Gage is the young person’s service within Gwent, providing support to young people and their families, and professionals who work with them.


    • ADFAM Support family members, carers and frontline workers


    • NAR-ANON UK use a 12 step programme designed to help relatives and friends of addicts recover from the effects of living with addicted relative or friend.



    • Alateen is for teenage (12-17 year olds) relatives and friends of alcoholics


    • Smart Family & Friends offers mutual aid meetings and online training programmes that use the 4 key points of SMART recovery adapted to suit the needs of friends and family of people with a drug and/or alcohol addiction.