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Smoking and Covid-19

We know now that people who smoke are at higher risk of getting more severe forms of COVID-19. Now is a great time to quit for many reasons, take a look at the information below to find out more and click here to find out what support Help Me Quit Wales can offer. If you’d like the PDF of this inforation then please click here – Smoking-COVID.

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Alcohol Awareness and Football Event

GDAS held a post-football world cup on 17/7/18 at Abergavenny Youth Centre highlighting Alcohol awareness surrounding events such as the world cup and the summertime in general. Organised by Gareth Leonard, the day was a huge success!
We had members from the Recovery team who brought service users who participated in the events and volunteers who cooked the food and made drinks for everyone.
OOWs who had clients attended and a stall, criminal justice brought clients and had a board with stats from the recent world cup surrounding alcohol and crime and a guess the units in different alcohol beverages. Everyone who participated in the board questions on alcohol and crime at the world cup and know your units were very shocked with the figures surrounding domestic abuse increases even when England won games, the level of disorder on the streets and the amount of units in alcoholic drinks.
Family/concerned others service came along with beer goggles and also offered support.
We held a raffle the prizes were a box of chocolates and a £20 next voucher.
The football guest referee was Craig Denner who is Street Football Wales coach and Street Football world cup referee.
The day was a massive success with everyone participating and service users stating that they had a wonderful day and hope we will be able to hold more events such as these.
Here are some pictures from the day:
20180717_103527 20180717_103416 20180717_102425 (1) 20180717_102356 20180717_092833
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GDAS Recovery Hub is a Health and Care Award Winner

On Thursday 19th October, representatives from the GDAS Recovery Hub in Newport attended the Health and Care awards 2017 at Chracecourse course.

This was a black tie event and from the Imagine Foundation pot we paid for suit hire for the volunteers. Without this, our volunteers would not have been able to attend.

The Hub was nominated as finalists in the ‘together we achieve’ category and we won!

This event is the first of many run by our local newspaper who GDAS and The Hub have a brilliant working relationship with, The South Wales Argus.

We were very humbled to win in such good company such as Vaughan Gething and Dr Hilary Jones of Good Morning Britain television fame.

As everyone can see, the Hub goes from strength to strength and this is owing to the very hard work and dedication of the Hub Volunteers.

Attached are some photos from last night’s awards so everyone can share in the wonderful achievements.

Here is a link to the story about the awards from The Argus




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New Motivational Interviewing open workshops in Pontypool available

The ‘Essentials of Motivational Interviewing’ and ‘Advanced Motivational Interviewing’ are two one-day courses that complement each other in building the skills and knowledge of a Motivational Interviewing practitioner.

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Video – The journey of an offender with drug and/or alcohol use in Gwent

This video shows the path an offender with drug and/or alcohol use takes when they enter the Gwent Criminal Justice System.

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