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Exciting event for Alcohol Awareness Week in The Hub, Newport

GDAS like to invite everyone to our Alcohol Awareness Event in conjunction with The Wonder Bar in Newport on 14th November 2019.

From 10am – 2pm there will be a variety of mocktails and non alcoholic beer to try out! While you take a sip of your refreshing drink you can indulge in pizza and an African Drumming Workshop.

For those in need of relaxation we will be offering Reiki & Indian Head massages…plus there will be much, much more on offer

This will be a wonderful event NOT TO BE MISSED

Entry is free – please feel free to pop along for as many hours as you can spare. Please let as many people know as possible, it’s sure to be a great time!

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GDAS and Pride Cymru 2019!

To improve our engagement with the LGBT+ community GDAS took the decision to do a stall at Pride Cymru. While our location wasn’t entirely promising being next to the bar, we took the opportunity to advocate the inclusiveness of our organisation and to help the event itself run safely.

We focussed our efforts on providing harm reduction advice across all the domains where it would be useful. We therefore set up to help people understand their alcohol use, the impact of common party drugs and how to use them safely, how to support loved ones should they be using drugs and the sexual health advice necessary for when under the influence.

We received a number of nice comments and a selection of those follows. It was good to hear that where people do know us they have good things to say and that we were also engaging with under 18s whom we referred to N-gage:

  • “It’s nice to see GDAS here for the first time- drugs and alcohol are such a problem within the LGBT community”.
  • “I was at your base yesterday on Lower Dock Street. You really make your clients feel at home, more than when they are actually at home sometimes”
  • “I want to thank you on behalf of my son for sobering up his mother”
  • “you are working with my partner- doing a great job thank you”
  • “Great Work”
  • “the bottles are a great conversation starter”
  • “the condoms are a great idea, I haven’t seen anyone else doing that”
  • “really good to see some Naloxone stuff here”
  • NML- well organised stand
  • “you do a brilliant job there!”
  • “what a great idea. Thank you”
  • “friends in my class at school have been using those canisters”- took harm reduction leaflet
  • “I have seen loads of those canisters around the back of my house, going to take a leaflet too talk to my kids about it”.
  • “this is GDAS’s first year here isn’t it? It’s so good to see you!”

Overall this was just the tip of the iceberg- we had a positive reception from other stall workers and the public alike.  It should also be noted that this event was a national event and thus the majority of the individuals there are not resident in Gwent. However, we spoke to around 200 people in all with Saturday being busier than the Sunday.

Many professionals came to talk to us and ask about what we do, they asked for soft copies of leaflets to display in their offices and we took their email addresses taken for these people to give them electronic resources. We received positive comments from the Police and also from the national BME inclusion lead who commented that it “Good to see GDAS thinking outside the box”.

We also provided a brief interview for Trans Radio UK and our details were placed on their website going forward and saw a senior member of the APB.

We also took the opportunity to deliver Naloxone training to one of the event volunteers who explained that it would help him in his role as a pharmacist and provided him with a kit.  We also took a referral and offered them an initial assessment on that day.

We distributed 96 condoms, 120 packets of lube, a box of alcohol cups and alcohol wheels, two boxes of pens, 1 pack of lanyards and three packs on one pin kits.

Here are a few pictures of Becky and David on the day.


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Street Football Wales Event

One of our Community Substance Misuse workers, Gareth Leonard, attended yesterdays Street Football Wales event in Newport giving harm reduction advice, handing out leaflets, giving information on services etc.

It was an excellent day with many agencies such as The Wallich YMCA, Dyfodol, the Big Issues amongst others entering teams at every event. The positivity their clients gained from the event was inspiring and all the Wales players that you see in the photos all came through services such as GDAS. Michael Sheen is the patron for Street Football Wales and Gareth got a photo with him too.

The Homeless World Cup will be held in Bute Park Cardiff from 27th July – 3rd August. Please head to to find out more about the tournament.

There is also a 3 part documentary starting on Monday 15th July 10.30pm on BBC1 on last years teams to see how football can help change lives.
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Alcohol Awareness and Football Event

GDAS held a post-football world cup on 17/7/18 at Abergavenny Youth Centre highlighting Alcohol awareness surrounding events such as the world cup and the summertime in general. Organised by Gareth Leonard, the day was a huge success!
We had members from the Recovery team who brought service users who participated in the events and volunteers who cooked the food and made drinks for everyone.
OOWs who had clients attended and a stall, criminal justice brought clients and had a board with stats from the recent world cup surrounding alcohol and crime and a guess the units in different alcohol beverages. Everyone who participated in the board questions on alcohol and crime at the world cup and know your units were very shocked with the figures surrounding domestic abuse increases even when England won games, the level of disorder on the streets and the amount of units in alcoholic drinks.
Family/concerned others service came along with beer goggles and also offered support.
We held a raffle the prizes were a box of chocolates and a £20 next voucher.
The football guest referee was Craig Denner who is Street Football Wales coach and Street Football world cup referee.
The day was a massive success with everyone participating and service users stating that they had a wonderful day and hope we will be able to hold more events such as these.
Here are some pictures from the day:
20180717_103527 20180717_103416 20180717_102425 (1) 20180717_102356 20180717_092833
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Gwent Wide Mental Health Awarness Events – 23rd May 2018

On the 23rd May GDAS is holding a set of Mental Health Awareness Events spread across a number of our bases in Gwent.

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Adverse Weather Alert 2/3/18

Due to the conditions -all GDAS bases except Powell’s Place (Newport) will be closed on Friday.

Powell’s Place (Newport) is currently open until 12 pm (2/3/2018)

Saturday 3/3/2018– Limited hours opening: 10 am to 12pm

We urge you attend attend early. Opening is subject to current conditions.

All Pharmacists are able to dispense in advance of closures  which has been agreed by Clinical Director of Pharmacy- Johnathan Simms   (please call SPOC for any issues)

Please call workers or 0333 999 3577 to discuss any concerns around prescribing @WeAreBarod @Kaleidoscope68

Our Prescription coordinators number for any pharmacies with concerns  is: 07773 639137

01633 245892- Main Newport nurse number operating until 12.00

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GDAS Recovery Hub is a Health and Care Award Winner

On Thursday 19th October, representatives from the GDAS Recovery Hub in Newport attended the Health and Care awards 2017 at Chracecourse course.

This was a black tie event and from the Imagine Foundation pot we paid for suit hire for the volunteers. Without this, our volunteers would not have been able to attend.

The Hub was nominated as finalists in the ‘together we achieve’ category and we won!

This event is the first of many run by our local newspaper who GDAS and The Hub have a brilliant working relationship with, The South Wales Argus.

We were very humbled to win in such good company such as Vaughan Gething and Dr Hilary Jones of Good Morning Britain television fame.

As everyone can see, the Hub goes from strength to strength and this is owing to the very hard work and dedication of the Hub Volunteers.

Attached are some photos from last night’s awards so everyone can share in the wonderful achievements.

Here is a link to the story about the awards from The Argus




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GDAS Recovery Roadshow coming soon in Newport!

Please see flyers attached for the first week of the Recovery Roadshow at the Hub in September.
These events are open to everyone and are free.
September 4th we will host an open day giving insight to all our groups and courses, free buffet, meet the teams, live music and fitness classes, craft table and much more.
September 6th we will provide a whole range of therapies listed on the flyer. Street dance classes, special effects makeup, music tutorials and much more.
And to finish off an amazing week we shall be screening Hacksaw Ridge at the Hub on September the 8th. This is a great opportunity for everyone to experience an all expenses paid trip to the cinema with all the trimmings. The Hub drop in will be transformed into a private cinema and everyone will be spoilt.
Please come along to enjoy the events and support our Recovery Hub!
20170809_054228                20170809_054247
20170809_054205                20170809_054145
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New GDAS mindfulness, insomnia and relaxation groups starting in Monmouthshire and Torfaen

GDAS always aims to provide a range of group options for service users to attend and with this in mind we will be starting some brand new groups soon. Arthur Shepherd will be running Mindfulness, Insomnia and Relaxation groups every fortnight across Abergavenny, Chepstow and Pontypool. There are a range of dates and times to help make them as accessible as possible. If the groups interest you or you know someone they might interest please get in touch with a keyworker or Arthur on 07896 994532. Please see below for group times, dates and locations.



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Training Day for 1st Year Medical Students

Today and over the next two weeks Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service (GDAS) are supporting Gwent Specialist Substance Misuse service (GSSMS) to offer training to the new cohort of first year medical students. This is something that we enjoy supporting every year.

Over the next few weeks approximately 60 students will be attending for training. They will be given information by Dr Julia Lewis, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist about how addiction can have an impact on the brain with both psychological and social aspects of life.

Our service users in recovery will be sharing their personal stories with them. In addition, Kate McDougall,GDAS Clinical Service manager will show them around the Newport base and introduce them to the teams. They will get to meet our engagement,active treatment and recovery teams. They will also be able to meet the Gwent IRIS team who specialise in criminal justice interventions.

GDAS would like to thank the service users who are supporting this and sharing their stories over the next few weeks. These weeks are important in helping the new students gain a better understanding around addiction and recovery.



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