Due to the conditions -all GDAS bases except Powell’s Place (Newport) will be closed on Friday.

Powell’s Place (Newport) is currently open until 12 pm (2/3/2018)

Saturday 3/3/2018– Limited hours opening: 10 am to 12pm

We urge you attend attend early. Opening is subject to current conditions.

All Pharmacists are able to dispense in advance of closures  which has been agreed by Clinical Director of Pharmacy- Johnathan Simms   (please call SPOC for any issues)

Please call workers or 0333 999 3577 to discuss any concerns around prescribing @WeAreBarod @Kaleidoscope68

Our Prescription coordinators number for any pharmacies with concerns  is: 07773 639137

01633 245892- Main Newport nurse number operating until 12.00