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Coran davies from the Gwent IRIS and 14 volunteers welcomed more than 20 people for breakfast on Christmas Day.

He said: “There was a mixture of people there, some of them homeless and others who were lonely.

“The day had no criteria, but we aimed to help anyone in need.

“We offered sausage and egg baps, and beans on toast and cereal. We didn’t hear any criticism so I think it went down well.”

The substance misuse worker also thanked a range of organisations for their assistance, including Greggs, who provided 11 trays worth of food, St Davids and Trussells food bank.

The most important part of the day for Mr Davies was ensuring that people thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“When people were leaving, the smiles on their faces made you feel really happy,” added Mr Davies.

“Many people are thankful for materialistic items, but the people we saw were just thankful for what the day did for them.

“We made their Christmas and I think that will go a very long way.”

The Christmas Breakfast event will take place again in December 2017, Mr Davies said.